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The 2020 JSAA Annual General Meeting

The 2020 Japanese Studies Association of Australia Annual General Meeting will be held online. For details, please visit here.



Message from JSAA on Government Attack on Humanities

The Japanese Studies Association of Australia is appalled by yet another government attack on the Humanities. We value diversity in education. We value the ability of students of all backgrounds to learn about Japan, to understand Japan's relationship with Australia, and to combine language studies with studies about the history, society and culture of Japan. Arts graduates are eminently employable (after all the Minister himself is an Arts graduate). 


What can JSAA members do? Provide your University and the JSAA with data about where our graduates are - both undergraduate and postgraduate'. Write to your local MP.  Let's fight to make everyone understand that Arts and the Humanities should remain accessible to all students, because an Arts degree leads not only to excellent job prospects, but to an ability to properly and usefully understand the world, the region, and Australia's place in it. (19/06/20)



Message from the President

The JSAA community has been affected by the current world pandemic in a range of ways, but not least the sudden urgency about allowing our students to continue their studies by moving our materials online. This situation has led to a dramatic increase at the local level of each department and each university, as well as concerns for the health of our families near and far and the broader community.


As we are getting used to this new situation, it is difficult to think (in our worklife) beyond the immediate concerns of looking after our students and their learning in the next day or two. But as we are getting used to this new world, there may be opportunities to share information on what resources we have found useful and what problems have been overcome and how.


Please let Beatrice Trefalt know how the JSAA could help you at this time. In the meantime, stay safe and well, and take care.


Bea (25/03/20)  












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