December 2017    


Call for Papers extended: Venezia 2018 International Conference on Japanese Language Education


Dialogue for Peace: What are we teaching and learning foreign languages for?


Words have power. Language teaching is a privileged field. In 2016 Association for Japanese Language Teachers in Europe (AJE) dedicated the 20th Symposium to “Japanese language teaching and well-being” and in 2017 the 21st AJE Symposium aimed at understanding Japanese Language teaching and learning in Europe and ‘for’ Europe.


The 2018 World Congress (International Conference on Japanese Language Education) will be the chance to widen our view to take in a global perspective: we cannot consider individual wellbeing without taking into account the society we are all living in.


Too often we hear of new wars or terrorist attacks. Too often there is conflict within our families or communities. We express ourselves through words and speaking actions. We confront each other’s values and thoughts through dialogue. It is only through dialogue that we become aware of ‘other possible ways of thinking’ and see our own values in a wider perspective, ridding ourselves of all kinds of absolute truths that are exclusive of anything different. Dialogue questions, widens and opens up our own perspectives, toward an inclusive position that opens the way to a more peaceful and respectful multi background society.


The questions we would like to address are:

•    how can we as teachers of Japanese Language help to reach this kind of awareness? 

•    What kind of strategies are we adopting in our daily ‘teaching-lives’ to improve our living surroundings to be more peaceful and inclusive? 

•    What kind of critical materials, subjects, texts, activities, dialogue or debate do we discuss with our students? 

•    How is our individual and professional engagement threatened by strict institutional boundaries? 

•    How can we encourage ourselves/colleagues and students to make a difference and help our world overcome discontent and misunderstandings that lead to war and conflict?

Conference languages: English, Japanese


Call for abstracts deadline: extended to December 15,2017

Notification of results: end of January

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