JSAA Grants Scheme Award 2019  


JSAA Funding Guidelines


The JSAA accepts funding applications for up to AU$5000 per annum from financial members. The money is specifically intended for the organisation of a small conference, workshop, or other event. The Association will take applications once or twice a year, depending on the funding availability.


The deadline for applications is 26 September 2019 (for an event between October 2019 and April 2020)



The applicant must be a financial member of the JSAA (if a group application then a majority of applicants should be financial members).

They must submit: (1) an application (maximum of 3 pages); and (2) a CV (maximum of 2 pages). The application should include the following information:


1) summary of the project including timing and planned duration

2) overall budget of the workshop or project. The budget should include details of all anticipated costs to be incurred under the headings of: a) venue costs (if any); b) travel; c) administrative costs; and d) catering.

3) information on other funding to be used for the event;

4) details of PhD scholarship held (if applicable);

5) intended pool of participants (who is the event for?) and invitees (keynote speakers, etc);

6) intended benefit to the JSAA community.


The JSAA Executive Committee reserves the right not to award a grant in any grant period. 

After the completion of the project, the successful applicant must submit a one-page report on the outcomes achieved (with a financial report attached) within three months of the event.

Funds are to be fully committed or spent within one year of the award. An extension of 3 months can be granted in special circumstances. an application should be sent to the Executive Committee at least eight (8) weeks prior to the originally planned date.


Key Date:

The deadline for applications is 26 September 2019

Applications should be submitted electronically to the JSAA Secretary:


All applications will be assessed by a committee convened by the Executive Committee.

The JSAA Executive will announce the results at or around the time of the annual AGM



  • Probability of delivering demonstrable outcomes (relative to the nature of the proposal and the track record of the applicant).
  • Intellectual value (significance, innovation, long-term impact, contribution to the field of study).
  • Contribution [or benefit] to the Japanese Studies community in Australia, including international and inter-institutional collaboration.
  • Responsible and feasible budget. (The Executive Committee’s preference is to provide full funding to modestly budgeted proposals, but it will also consider joint funding and reserves the right to grant less than the amount requested.)
  • Equity (although an applicant may be awarded two grants within a two year period, the Executive Committee’s preference is to spread grants across the JSAA membership.)
  • Completion of the report for any previous JSAA funding (if applicable).


We look forward to receiving applications. Inquiries should be addressed to the JSAA Secretary:


Beatrice Trefalt  

On behalf of the JSAA Executive Committee 2019-2021  








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