Call for papers:

Workshop on 'Cultures of sense' in Japan (27th, 28th February 2020)

The workshop will be hosted by Gwyn McClelland (History, Monash University) and Hannah Gould (Anthropology, Melbourne University) and held at The University of Melbourne’s Parkville Campus.  

Abstract submission due date: 2nd December 2019 (5pm Australian EST).   

Bursaries available: Postgraduate students and low waged ECR’s who are interested from interstate/international or rural Victoria are encouraged to include on their submission a request to be considered for a bursary. Courtesy of the Japanese Studies Association of Australia, a maximum of six bursaries of up to AUD$450 will be available for attendance and participation in this workshop.  

Contact: Gwyn McClelland (

Further information can be found here.



International Symposium

"Gender, media and Japan's imperial succession" supported by Japan Foundation and JSAA


A subsidy of $250.00 for two postgraduate students to travel from interstate is being funded by the JSAA. To apply, email Alison Tokita as soon as possible:


Venue: Japanese Studies Centre, Monash University 

            Clayton Campus J.V. Neustupny Auditorium Monday

Time: November 4, 2019 Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm 



Professor John Breen, International Research Centre for Japanese Studies 

                 Ritual Interventions: Emperor-making in Meiji, Taisho and Showa Japan 

Professor Yohei Mori, Seijo University, Tokyo 

                Defining the Role of the Imperial Family in Post-War Japanese Society 

Professor Ayuu Ishida, Momoyama Gakuin University, Osaka; Japanese Studies Centre, Monash University 

                The function of women's imperial media coverage in Japan: Why does it attract Japanese national interest? 

Dr Emerald King, La Trobe University 

                Reading the garments worn by the Imperial ladies in the Reiwa accession ceremonies 


Commentators: Professors Koichi Iwabuchi, Ross Mouer, and Carolyn S. Stevens, Monash University 


Further information:,-media-and-japans-imperial-succession 

Participation is free, but registration is required for catering purposes To register, please email:






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